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Since 1983, Al Khamis Trading Company has been specialising  into Shoes retailing, whole selling and manufacturing of footwear products in Oman

 Al Khamis also deals in Real estate business with completion of Al Khamis plaza commercial centre, Bait Al Safa and Bait al Khair. Alkhamis has also a number of real estate projects under developments in Oman.. 


Foot Anatomy 
The human foot is a combined structure of base and lever, supporting and balancing the body’s weight while standing, as well as raising and moving the body forward when in motion. Our feet work for us the whole day, whether we stand, play, run, or walk, and in the process they become the most affected part of our anatomy.

Parts of the Foot
The foot is composed of 28 skeletal bones held together by muscles, ligaments and tendons.




These 28 bones are divided into three groups:
Phalanges: consists of fourteen bones in the toes
consists of five slender bones located in the front of the instep
consists of seven bones that form the back of the foot 

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